Fox Hunt Road, Barrington Hills, Illinois
70 acres
8 bedrooms 9 bathrooms (8 partial baths)

Much of the property is designed with the latest technology, keeping wellness, energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. Exposure to toxic elements in building materials was reduced, walls were sound-proofed, and adaptive circadian lighting was installed throughout. The house offers high-end HVAC and air & water purification systems, automated blackout shades, and heated reflexology floors made of hardwood. UV lighting helps sterilize spaces from germs, and much of the design offers large windows with lots of natural light. An effort was made to invite nature inside by including lots of oxygen-rich plants and collapsible window walls, and special outdoor lighting is used at night to combat the effects of light pollution. The organic gardens have a composting area and utilize rainwater collection and irrigation. All of this is in addition to having their own farm, gymnasium, workout room, swimming amenities, yoga/meditation room and plethora of recreation opportunities.

There are five balconies, multiple fireplaces and walk-in closets, a central vacuum cleaner, quartz countertops, steam and rain showers, and freestanding bathtubs. The house also has a state of the art security system, with surveillance cameras around the property and ability to control the perimeter gate remotely. The entire property is on a smart home system, including capabilities like a wireless bluetooth sound system throughout the house, smart nursery functions, and smart appliances. It has the ability to do things like regulate temperature, humidity, air quality and other features. There is easy access to the system from multiple touch panels throughout the property. An intercom system has also been installed with the phones throughout the house, but there is also a neverending group text chain among residents, if you're too lazy to speak into a phone or hunt someone down. There is, of course, wifi and satellite television.

The 30,000 square foot house, which features an elevator, offers all the amenities you could ever want. A multi-car collector garage opens up into a porte-cochère to protect you from the elements. Here are kept a couple of electric golf carts that can be used for moving about the property. Most of the walking paths around the property are paved, some are not. There is room for future construction of buildings and guest houses. There is a salaried household manager who is responsible for keeping the property stocked with necessities and running smoothly. Twice weekly there is maid service. There are two farmhands who come weekly to help with the livestock and the harvest. Everything else is the responsibility of the group. Much of what they grow on site is consumed by them, making up part of their monthly food budget. The rest is provided for in twice monthly deliveries of groceries and other necessities, while specialty items and other things require a trip into town. You can either request the household manager to pick it up for you, or go into town yourself or have it delivered. Service providers like manicurists or masseuses can be hired to come directly to the compound. Everyone switches off in terms of responsibilities and house chores.

* The lake is a portal to other dimensions/ripple in the space-time continuum, to be discovered at a later date.


This fenced-in, gated property is beautifully landscaped, with lush terraced acreage and several hidden ponds. There is a peaceful lake that is well stocked with fish, with a small boat house and a canoe dock next to it. There are massive organic gardens of flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruits, which produce bountiful harvests. This section also includes a small vineyard and a modest winery for winemaking (because Mera can't help herself), which includes a small tasting room and partial bath. Nearby can also be found a greenhouse, a barn with potential space for horses if desired, and an isolated gazebo. There are also areas for livestock: a fenced-in chicken coop, a separate fenced-in coop and wading pool for a flock of Pekin ducks, a rabbit hutch, a beekeeping hive, and three small fenced-in pastures for goats, sheep and pigs with added shelters and troughs. This section of the property is overlooked by an open-air veranda and courtyard that is perfect for entertaining and designed with mingling in mind. Along with the sun room, den, kitchen, game room, and in fact the entire ground floor, the veranda/courtyard/pool area is one of the more higher-trafficked parts of the property.

The veranda is encased in blooming vines, and offers an outdoor kitchen complete with a sink and stainless steel food prep area, a small fridge, a grill, and patio tables. Close by is a fire pit surrounded by cozy outdoor seating and radiant heaters. This area can be lit up at night with strings of lights. A short walk leads you to a fenced-in pool area, which features an Olympic-sized heated lap pool and connected waterslide/diving board, a relaxing in-ground hot tub, a changing cabana and bathroom, a private outdoor stone shower, and a peaceful waterfall cascading over a hidden stone grotto. The grotto can be heated, and also offers separate hot and cold plunge pools.

Also found on the property are three golf greens and tee boxes, with a small clubhouse that offers a changing area and partial bath, golf and recreation storage, and a kitchenette and lounge area. Outside can be found plenty of lawn space for games of croquet, bocce, lawn bowling or soccer. Close by is a storage facility and a working helipad. There is also children's play equipment (slide, jungle gym, swings, etc), as well as a playhouse.

local community
The village of Barrington Hills (population 4,251) is located 40 miles northwest of Chicago. 42% of the village landscape is forest preserve. It is an affluent community nestled among winding roads, trees, and rolling hills. There is a rich history of farming and raising horses in the area. There is a vibrant equestrian community, with bridle paths throughout the area. Commercial, entertainment and shopping areas are all mostly within a 15 minute radius, though homes are spread apart due to large amounts of acreage. Crime is low. A hospital with a level II trauma center is nearby. A more specialized level I hospital can be found 30 minutes away in Park Ridge. The closest international airport is Chicago O'Hare, 30 minutes away.

The local schools are highly ranked. There is one early learning center (pre-K and kindergarten) in addition to a couple of private preschools, eight elementary schools (K-5), two middle schools (6-8) and one high school (9-12). Countryside Elementary and Barrington Middle School, Station Campus, offers intensive Mandarin Chinese language immersion programs. Barrington High School offers an excellent STEAM program, a series of applied arts courses, and a variety of language and fine arts courses. Harper College is a two-year program in nearby Palatine, Northwestern University is a four-year program in Evanston with both undergraduate and graduate degree offerings.

The commute to Chicago by car is roughly 55 minutes, plus 15-30 minutes or so during rush times. There is also Metra railway available, with frequent trains to Chicago in a roughly 60-70 minute commute. The option is also available to charter a helicopter to wherever you need to go. Of course, there is also always Diana's invisible jet and the JLA teleport pad, or Shuri's tech. Just don't let the neighbors see.

ground floor

Below ground level can be found a college regulation-sized gymnasium (including a basketball court) and commercial grade workout room, a sauna, as well as an English pub and a temperature-controlled wine cellar, fully stocked, with an adjoining game room. It features darts, a TV, a pool table, air hockey table, old school arcade games and newer gaming systems, and lots of board games. There is also the ‘private massage room’ (aka sex dungeon with keyed access) and a home theatre. Nearby can also be found a modest 'candy wall' and popcorn maker. On this floor can also be found a hair salon with two salon chairs, manicure/pedicure stations, a hair washing basin, a massage table and esthetician station, and plenty of mirrors. This floor can also be used to access an underground command center for Justice League business (featuring a teleport pad for access to the JLA satellite or other points of interest), a panic room/bomb shelter (with secret tunnel to the helipad), a forge/armory, and a reinforced walk-in safe to guard delicate items. There is also a children's sensory gym room that offers toys and equipment for things like occupational, physical, speech and ABA therapies, as well as items necessary for training children with supernatural abilities. There are two full baths and two partial baths on this level.

first floor

The first floor of the house features a gourmet kitchen and dining room, including a breakfast bar and butler’s pantry. Down the hall can be found a laundry room, a rear-entry mud room featuring a custom dog bath for their pooches, a library with a large selection of books and movies, an Italian solarium/sun room filled with plants, a children’s play room, a formal sitting room, an office and a den featuring a flat screen TV and fully-stocked wet bar. This floor also features a guest bedroom and bathroom in the former staff quarters. There is also a small private yoga studio/meditation room. There is one full bath and three partial baths on this level.

second floor

The second floor features a master suite (Thea/Coop), and two additional bedrooms (Evie & Zuri). There is a hallway that connects Zuri's room to a private labratory for Shuri's tech. A previously built in-law suite has been remodeled into a two-story apartment, with access available from within the main house on the second floor, as well as a separate private entrance on the first. It features a master suite (May/Alec), as well as two additional bedrooms (babies) and a third that has been remodeled into an additional office. It has a small kitchen and informal dining area, and a modest living room, which opens up into the gardens via a collapsible window wall. There is an additional passageway connecting the apartment to the gourmet kitchen in the main house, for easy back-and-forth access. This apartment also offers roof access to a small private patio. There are six full bathrooms on the second floor.